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Please join us for our wedding celebration on August 12, 2017

Our Story

Anne and Richard met at The Ohio State University, although the exact date and time is uncertain. Since they had a few mutual friends, they would see each other out from time to time and say Hello, but didn't often hang out together. Richard says this is because he was older, more popular, and hung out with the cooler crowd, but Anne disputes this part of the story. Richard moved to Chicago in 2005, and while Anne soon followed in 2007, it took a while for them to start spending time together. This, however, wasn't due to a lack of effort on Richard's part. Richard tried to contact Anne upon learning that she had moved to Chicago, but he had to be (very) patient awaiting her response, as she waited 4 years before responding. After this, and luckily for Richard, Anne stopped waiting years before responding to his calls and messages. They began dating in 2011, and learned they enjoyed each other's company, in addition to sharing a love for great Chicago restaurants, Baseball, and Ohio State Buckeye Football and Basketball. In April 2016, Richard and Anne were engaged to be married.

We look forward to spending our Wedding Weekend with all of our family and friends in the great city of Chicago.